Australian Capital Territory Real Estate

Australian Capital Territory Real Estate Market: Top Locations

Australian Capital Territory Real Estate

Enclaved within the New South Wales state of Australia is The Nation’s Capital, the federal district of Australian Capital Territory or ACT. Inside its area resides Canberra, the country’s capital city. It is bound to the northeast by the Molonglo River, to the Cotton River to the west, the Naas Creek to its south, and the Goulburn-Cooma railway to its eastern direction, giving the area sufficient water source. With such gorgeous waters partnered with its natural beauty, it is no surprise that movers from all over the country are excited to take a look at the ACT real estate market.



ACT Real Estate Market: By the Numbers

When looking at real estate in ACT, one should take note of its unique weather patterns. Because of its major elevation (at over 2,000 ft!) and its distance from the nearest coast, the locals of ATC experience four different seasons, presenting quite a difference between it and other cities which are by the sea. The spring, summer, winter, and autumn seasons give the district a colorful kaleidoscope of sights you can only experience on a beautiful real estate property in ACT.

Annual rainfall is at 25 inches per year, with the highest occurring in between spring and the summer, but lowest during the winter. As of the latest census, the current population is numbered at just above 420,000 residents, with the median weekly income of $998 which is above the Australian national average of $662. 4.5% of its total population holds postgraduate degrees, as compared to the national average of just 1.8%, which is part of the reason why the district’s level of degree qualification in the average is higher than the national standard.

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Why Choose ACT Real Estate

The ACT experience is simply unparalleled. You have great weather, a steady economy, and the demand is currently among the highest in the country. It has great schools, great sights, and great support from the local government. Buying a house in ACT is synonymous to securing family roots in a top country location. The time is always good to invest in the ACT!


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