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Buy Real Estate in Baulkham Hills

Baulkham Hills is part New South Wales’ Hills District, and is located 27 kilometers from the Sydney central business district (CBD). It is northwest of Sydney, and is predominantly a residential area for families and retirees. The homes here are generally big, and the properties are even bigger. In here, the name of the game is peace and quiet, and most investors and first-time buyers are keen on buying property here because of it. Buying real estate in Baulkham Hills is one’s way to ease in to its tranquil stillness; the area just has the kind of magnetism and appeal that lures people away from the busy city and into its serene arms.



Real Estate in Baulkham Hills: By the Numbers

The median price for real estate in Baulkham Hills as of the late is $1,190,000, and that is a three-bedroom house. Here you can find a four-bedroom house with the price of $1,237,000, or maybe find a three-bedroom rental with an average of $590 per week of stay (a four-bedroom rental costs $665 per week). The suburbs of Baulkham Hills are also averaging 617 visits per property, and it enjoy an annual growth three times that is the average of the whole Sydney area, making the properties here highly in demand by foreign investors.

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Why Choose Baulkham Hills

A real estate property in Baulkham Hills’ best asset would be the general ambience and atmosphere, the strong community ties and the general peace and quiet brings in families from all over the country and even abroad. Homes here are typically large, usually two-storey properties, nested on a big real estate where one can usually put a pool. The suburb is also generally diverse, with a large portion of residents coming from China. There are also a number of notable schools in the area, among them the highly academically selective St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School and the Baulkham Hills High. It is thanks to these factors that families flock this suburb.

The residents mostly travel by car and bus to and from work and other facilities. The traffic is not much an issue because of the area’s general walkability. The locals spend most weekends in the park, which also attracts visitors because of the koalas. The Windsor Road is a busy part of the area, lined up with the usual suburban local shops. The Stocklands Baulkham Hills Shopping Centre is famous in this neighborhood because of with a wide array of supermarkets, salons, medical services, banks, and clothing stores to satisfy your shopping needs. However, the main attractions here are the restaurants, all 72 of them, ranging from Persian to Thai, Italian to Sushi. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, it is only a 30-minute drive from the CBD.

The strong sense of community, the local amenities and facilities, the easy-shopping, and the general atmosphere makes for a complete package for families wanting to settle down here. And as many people are seeing the benefits of having a quiet space that is still near the business district, investors are keeping this area on their radar.


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