Buy Real Estate in Lane Cove

Buy Real Estate in Lane Cove

Buying any real estate in Lane Cove is to surround yourself with peace and quiet among the nature’s green. The village atmosphere is strong in this suburb, as thick green trees stand tall beside the large, family homes. Nine kilometers off the Sydney central business district, this laid–back paradise is home to professionals and families wanting to spend the days in the sleepy atmosphere filled with just the chirping of birds and the sway of trees while still being able to enjoy themselves during the weekend.



Real Estate in Lane Cove: By the Numbers

The median price of real estate in Lane Cove is currently at $2,210,000, and between the budget of $1,800,00 to $2,400,000, you can find yourself a beautiful 3–bedroom house or a large family house with 4 bedrooms and a decent–sized yard. In the average, rent here would cost $925 a week, and a 4–bedroom space costs $1,200. Lane Cove’s house rental yield is at 2.2% based on data of the past 12 months, and the median house sale price is for about 80% compared to five years ago, allowing for a compound annual growth rate of 12.3% and an average demand in the real estate market. The area also has a median household income of $1,942 per week, which is reflected on the $2600 mortgage payment per month as compared to Australia’s national median of $1800.(Data from


Why Choose Lane Cove

There are two main selling points to real estate in Lane Cove: the quiet atmosphere and its great local amenities. The area is generally sleepy, and professionals live here to experience some peace and quiet after rubbing elbows with their colleagues in the busy city. One of the key factors to this lifestyle is the nature surrounding the area.

The Lane Cove River, the Lane Cove Park, and the Lane Cove National Park all provide locals with some kind of breather, while the retail shops of Market Square provide some forms of stress relievers too. The Lane Cove Library is huge in space and collection, and the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre is equipped with a 50 – meter pool and a 25 – meter pool, and its Leisure Centre provides excellent facilities including a sauna, a spa, and a well – equipped gym. The trains are not as popular here, with the locals opting to take the bust or just drive to work. There are also several supermarkets in the area for the day – to – day shopping, and restaurants are all over the area for a weekend culinary experience.

Lane Cove has a number of quality schools in the area, among them the St. Michael’s School and the Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview. When looking for any real estate in Lane Cove, you will find that most houses here are large family homes, high–end apartments, or beautiful mansions sitting among the comforts of the green. Apartments are currently being developed in the area, and there are also several retirement villages and homes here too. The view never ceases to amaze, and the weekends are just as fun in the pedestrian plaza. Lane Cove is a quiet town made to help you relax while being comfortable and close to nature.


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