Buy Real Estate in Merrylands

Buy Real Estate in Merrylands

Merrylands is a famous multicultural suburb located in New South Wales, a 25 – minute drive away from the Sydney central business district (CBD). Families and investors from all over the world are drawn to its warm and welcoming atmosphere together with its excellent amenities and local sights. The area is characterized by average – sized houses with enough estate for a decent backyard playground and a trampoline. There are also plenty of options here to chance upon, from solid brick houses to weatherboard cottages, from fibro homes to your standard, brand new apartment. With all these and the relaxed lifestyle the area provides, buying a house in Merrylands will make of a great investment.



Real Estate in Merrylands: By the Numbers

Real estate in Merrylands has a median price of $900,000, and with it you can find an amazing 4-bedroom house fit to suit your growing family’s spatial needs. A 3 – bedroom apartment unit here will cost you $500 per week in average, while a 4 – bedroom unit is usually be available at $640. The median price sale has increased by 64.1% in the past five years based on current data, equating to a 10.4% compound annual growth, while the rental yield is at 2.9%. Merrylands is currently in an average demand from the market, with nearly 300 visits per property.

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Why Choose Merrylands

Merrylands is a community that grows every year, with people from all over the country and abroad coming in to have a taste in its uniqueness. Over half the population here are of foreign descent, with the Chinese community being one of its biggest resident groups. The area’s median age is 32, and you will find that most people you meet here are independent youths and starting families. Most homes here are standalone houses, perfect for an average – sized family. There are also gorgeous townhouses available, aside from the growing number of brand new apartments that caters to everyone. The older homes here have a classic front – yard look, and most houses are fit with backyards for gardening or barbecue.

For day tripping, the Central Gardens is an impressive park of 12 hectares that has open spaces for people wanting to jog, exercise, and have a picnic while breathing in the fresh air. It is also filled with function areas, play equipment, and even a lake and waterfalls alongside its famous animal enclosures. It also enjoys the use of the Merrylands Swimming Pool and various sport fields. The Stockland Merrylands is the area’s main shopping centre, and it caters to the locals’ everyday needs, from daily groceries to brand item shopping to discount department stores to various specialty stores. The commuters here take the train most of the time, while only a few take the bus. Most of the locals here prefer the use of bikes going around the area.

Merrylands offers buyers a low-key lifestyle away from the noise of the city, and its multicultural identity is a huge factor in the community ties and general atmosphere. It is affordable to purchase real estate in Merrylands and live here, and the area is complete with amenities and facilities one hopes to see.


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