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Annerly is a wonderfully quiet suburb in the city of Brisbane. Upon entering the area, you would forget that you are just 4 kilometers off Brisbane Central Business District. Formerly underdeveloped and almost always overlooked, the market of real estate in Annerly has become active in the recent years, with the arrival of the vintage housing trend and its diverse local community.

The stillness of the area has been contrasted with its magnificent housing options and the influx of renovations, redevelopments, and its redefinition of the local character. No longer is it packed with house-sharing students and greasy diners, today hundreds and thousands of young professionals and independent, established adults walk its coffee shop-lined streets as they go to work in the city. Buying a house in Annerly, buyers and investors are opting in for its subtle atmosphere and humble community.


Annerley Real Estate: By the Numbers

A real estate property in Annerly has a median house price of $715,000, and for that amount you have yourself a gorgeous 3-bedroom home with a backyard big enough to grow herbs and vegetables in. If you are looking for more space, a 4-bedroom house in this lovely suburb will cost $861,500 in the average. Rent here is relatively lower and more affordable than in other areas, costing only $455 in the average, per week. A 4-bedroom unit can cost you at least $580 per week. This year’s median price was based off last year’s data with a total of 113 sales.

The median house price grew by 31.7% based on data over the last 60 months, amounting to a 5.7% annual compound rate of growth. Annerly currently has a high demand in the real estate market, averaging an outstanding 527 visits per property, performing better than the Queensland state average of 374 visits per property. This demand is mainly due to the surge of independent professionals looking for a place to stay, away from the noises and hassles of the city but in a more handy location.

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Annerley Real Estate
Annerley Real Estate

Why Choose Annerley

Annerly’s strategic location is one of its key enticing factors. It is well-situated just a few kilometers away from the central business district, but somehow it manages to keep its quiet atmosphere and still be able to cater to the local resident’s everyday needs without them having to drive to the CBD. The community is also humble and diverse, tracing back the suburb’s multicultural legacy back to the post-war migrations of the Italians and the Greeks. As of the latest census, only 62.1% of the suburb’s total population of 10,664 were born in the country, the rest of the population taken by different nationalities, with the Chinese being a strong part of it.

As for the landscape, gone were the aging apartment and shabby cottages from the suburb’s yesterday. Opportunities for redevelopment are present in the area, however, the current trend is for vintage-styled houses like the colonial and the post-war homes, while the signature Queenslander architecture still attracts buyers and investors alike.

All in all, Annerly offers you a different world just a few kilometers away from the buzz. Its relaxed ambiance and comfy houses are hidden gems many buyers are looking for.


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