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The city of Brisbane is the capital of the Queensland state, and Australia’s third-most populous city. Buying a house in Brisbane, one of the first things you can observe is the signature Queenslander architectural style, characterized by high-ceilings and verandas complimented with timber construction. The style’s use of timber is quite economical with its relatively cheaper cost, showing the city’s practicality and the value of their craftsmanship, a testament to the city’s age and resilience. Aside from the city’s historic significance, it is also a well–known tourist destination itself, all the while also opening Queensland’s doors to other vacation spots like Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. The infrastructure, economy, and local culture are just some of the things that can entice a buyer to purchase a real estate property in Brisbane.


Brisbane Real Estate: By the Numbers

The median house price for a real estate in Brisbane currently sits at $535,292. In the span of 25 years, its market value has increased by $16,290, more than 300% overall, a long way compared to 1993’s median house price that went for only $128,000. As of current data, the median rental price in the city is $450 per week of stay. It holds an average demand in the local property market with 188 visits per property, compared to the Queensland state average of 374 property visits.

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Why Choose Brisbane

Once referred to as a “country town”, Brisbane has shed its classic country atmosphere and has successfully transformed itself to a multicultural and age-diverse city. Now packed with vibrant colors, busy sidewalks and seemingly-endless entertainment options, Brisbane is still not done. City living is quite new to the area, and those who chose to live this life are mostly independent youths and established adults, all basking in the electric buzz of the city’s energy.

A large portion of the central business district residents hails from different countries, some being mainly from China, Taiwan, and Korea. Locals here are spoiled with various classy restaurants and foreign cuisine dining options, amazing bars, and fun cinemas. Art is also very much alive here, and in all forms. Brisbane houses the Queensland Performing Arts Complex, the Queensland Museum, and the Gallery of Modern Art, among numerous others. The central business district, although quite intimidating, is fairly easy to navigate. The extensive transportation network allows for faster travels and connections to various places and to regional centers as well. Ferries and busses serve as the main public transportation, however, a large portion of residents here drive their own car.

Brisbane has excellent facilities and amenities (including high-ranking schools like Griffith University, University of Queensland, and the Queensland University of Technology), a well-planned transportation system, a wide range of housing options, and a proud local culture that thrives in being diverse and energetic. With its continuously growing economy, high-quality lifestyle partnered with support from the government, it is hard not to notice the area in the property market radar. City living is not for everyone, but for those who can handle the heat, Brisbane will never disappoint.


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