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Ipswich has always been overlooked, but that is a thing of the past now as new life was breathed into this old Queensland town. The urban city is renowned for natural, cultural, and most of all its architectural heritage. It has more than 500 parks and 6000 of its sites made it to the heritage list, and the preservation of such legacy is one of the city’s top priorities. A 40-kilometer drive from Brisbane, Ipswich offers a comfortable and peaceful neighborhood with all the perks of city-living. Buying real estate in Ipswich is a great start for first-time home owners and foreign investors with its excellent facilities, affordable prices, and a great lifestyle quality.


Ipswich Real Estate: By the Numbers

A real estate property in Ipswich has a median house price of $367,500. A standard 3-bedroom home in this urban region can go for $410,000 in average, while a larger 4-bedroom home costs upwards of that. Compared to that of five years ago, the median house price in Ipswich has increased by 13.4% with the compound annual growth rate at 2.6%. Rent is evidently cheaper here too compared to other suburbs in the state, sitting currently at $300 per week. For that budget, you have yourself a 3-bedroom space waiting for you. A 4-bedroom home can go for $380 in the average.

Based on 48 property sales and over a hundred rentals last year, the rental yield for Ipswich houses is 4.2%. Unsurprisingly, established families and independent adults flock the market looking for opportunities to secure a spot in the neighborhood, giving Ipswich a high demand in the real estate market with an outstanding 597 visits per property, well over the Queensland state average of just 374 visits per property.

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Why Choose Ipswich City Center

Buying a house in Ipswich, one must have an appreciation for the historical significance the town holds. Its colorful cultural legacies and beautiful natural heritage is not something you can see everywhere, and its architectural marvels are simply one of a kind. A number of charming stand-alone houses are finished with modern sensibilities, and alongside them are the gorgeous Queensland-styled Bungalows and the stunning early-Colonial and Victorian houses. In its surface you can see history pass by in front of your eyes, a treat adored by many.

The once simple mining town has evolved to become Queensland’s cradle of coal mining, a consistent industrial force in the region. Sawmills, earthenware works, and foundries are also present here, along its agricultural resources.

Ipswich also prides itself in convenience and efficiency in terms of amenities and facilities. It houses dozens of primary, secondary, tertiary schools, both state-run and private. Among the most notable examples are the Ipswich Grammar School, Ipswich Girl’s Grammar School, and the University of Southern Queensland. Ipswich is also home to the startup hub Fire Station 101, a digital innovation set to give the region a head start in the digital economy. It is monitored 24/7 by more than 200 cameras, a safety project that started decades ago in 1994. It also houses private and public hospitals.

Ipswich is where the celebrated past meets the awesome future; this makes buying Ipswich real estate a nice choice.


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