Buy Real Estate in Southport

Buy Real Estate in Southport

The market of real estate in Southport is blooming, and it is no surprise why. Southport, the central business district of Queensland’s crown jewel Gold Coast, is a buzzing little area that is mostly known for its “work and play” atmosphere, where high-rise business centers meet with the sunny, summer-feel vibe of the beachside every day.

Due to an influx in terms of population growth and developments influenced by the tourism industry, Southport is well-built suburb still favoring innovation and opportunities of redevelopment. The vibrancy of the local culture is matched only by its colorful and unforgettable scenery. All these and more is what attracts people from all over the country (and abroad) in buying a house in Southport, to move here and experience a lifestyle not offered anywhere else. Gold Coast real estate is in demand after all.


Southport Real Estate: By the Numbers

A real estate property in Southport has a median house price of $576,666, which is relatively cheaper when compared to real estate properties located in other central business districts. In here, a decent 3-bedroom house costs $548,750, and a 4-bedroom home is currently at $650,000. As the median house price increased by 28.9% over the span of the last five years, its compound annual growth rate is currently at 5.2%. Southport has an average demand in the market as of the moment, with just 195 views per property compared to the Queensland state average of 374.

As per the latest census, Southport is home to at least 32,000 residents. The suburb’s median age is 37, which is 1 year below the nation’s current average. With its current population, only 52.6% were born in Australia. There are many residents here who were born in foreign countries, with China being one of the biggest minorities in the area

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Buy Real Estate in Southport
Buy Real Estate in Southport

Why Choose Southport

Students from all parts of the globe flock here to study in its world-renowned institutions, mostly in the field of dentistry and medicine. This is because in Southport, you can find homes more affordable than in any other areas. There are tons of places that keep the locals occupied here, like the parklands, the playgrounds, the Gold Coast Aquatic Center and the Sea World theme park. If you are looking to shop for a few things or pick up your groceries, Marine Parade’s Australia Fair is the location for you. Filled with interesting shops, dining options, and a cinema complex, Australia Fair caters to the local’s everyday needs. If you are feeling the need to go for a swim or practice your surfing skills, Surfer’s Paradise is only six minutes away from you. Homes here have a wide range, and the streets are often quiet. The suburb’s housing architecture is characterized mostly by walled estates and single-story brick houses. Luxurious holiday apartments are readily available here too, as well as high-end apartment buildings and a few townhouses.

With the iconic Gold Coast-style of mixing things up with high-rise buildings and beachside living, Southport charms movers and vacationers alike with its warm glow and relaxed living. With great facilities and dozens of entertainment options just quietly waiting outside the comfort of your own home, Southport is a well-balanced suburb that is making its own mark in the state, and the nation. If you want to get your hands on Gold Coast real estate, buying property in Southport would be a great idea.


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