Buy Real Estate in Springfield Lakes

Buy Real Estate in Springfield Lakes

Springfield Lakes, just a couple of kilometers off the older Springfield, is a suburb in the city of Ipswich, Queensland. It is characterized by its classic Australian suburb feel and an ambiance of peace and quiet. Established in 2000 as a planned community, it is located 29 kilometers from Brisbane, and its fondness of the scenic greenery is partnered perfectly with its compact and convenient lifestyle and excellent facilities and amenities. Truly, getting Springfield Lakes real estate property is suitable for starting families, as well as the blooming and more established ones.


Springfield Lakes Real Estate: By the Numbers

Buying a house in Springfield Lakes can be more affordable compared to other quality areas in the state. A real estate in Springfield Lakes costs only $435,000 in the average, and for at least $460,000 you can secure a beautiful 4-bedroom house sitting alongside the suburb’s tree-lined roads and walk paths. The rent here is relatively cheaper too, going for just $410 per week, and with that you can find a 3-bedroom rental or a bigger, 4-bedroom unit.

This year’s median house price is based on data spanning the last 12 months, with a tally of 363 home sales. Compared to the same time five years in the past, the median house price has increased by 45%, equating to a 7.7% annual growth rate. On the other hand, the rental yield is currently at 4.9%, based on last year’s 363 home sales and 1,044 rentals in property. It currently enjoys an average demand in the market, averaging 270 visits per property compared to the Queensland state average of 374 visits per property.

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Why Choose Springfield Lakes

With an open space of more than 100 hectares, 23 hectares of creeks and lakes, and over 20 kilometers of walking and biking trails, Springfield Lakes is perfectly designed for a one-of-a-kind outdoor living. Here you can jog around through the neighborhood’s shops, playing grounds and schools. Bring out your kayaks and canoes and test the lake’s waters when you are tired of just swimming around. Catch your breath in the park, have a picnic in the grassy areas, Springfield Lakes has all of your nature-tripping needs and more.

As the suburb is relatively small in size, the area is very much walkable, hence the numerous walk and bike trails. The area’s well-connected transport system allows for a much faster travel time than in other locations.

There is a wide range of housing styles present in Springfield Lakes, most notably the large, two-story brick homes, heritage-style houses, and the small brick units sitting at the end of the beautiful cul-de-sacs. Schools (along with a university campus) are also present in the area, as well as a packed shopping center and the local amenities. Springfield Lakes proves to be a package suited for budding families and first-time home owners. Foreign investors also can’t pass up the opportunity to buy into the untapped Springfield Lakes real estate market as the demand slowly rises each year.


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