Brighton Real Estate

Buy Real Estate in Brighton, South Australia

Buy Real Estate in Brighton, South Australia

The bright Brighton sun and the soothing sound of the waves await settling families and matured couples alike from all over the country. This Adelaide coastal suburb defines seaside living, all the while offering the convenience of an urban lifestyle with a well-crafted transport system, quality housing stock, and a notable school in its vicinity.

With its relaxed atmosphere and quiet ambience, it is no surprise that this residential area is mostly flocked by established families and older couples, with a few independent youths here and there to round up the number. If you are looking to spend your days in your very own peaceful paradise, then look for Brighton real estate.



Real Estate in Brighton: By the Numbers

Brighton is well-favored by a much older generation, and it shows in the statistics. There are just over 5,000 people residing in this area, and among the largest parts of the total number are Older Families and Couples with 20%, Established Families with 16.3%, and Elderly Singles with 16%. From families putting down roots for the long haul to retirees enjoying their golden years, Brighton’s appeal is unceasing.

Currently, buying a house in the Brighton area has a median house price of $648,100. A 3-bedroom home here costs $638,500, while the bigger 4-bedroom abode is priced somewhere upwards of $863,000. This current median house price was based on last year’s 54 home sales. And when compared to the same time period for the market in the last five years, it can be seen that it has increased by 24.4%, equating to a 4.5% annual compound growth rate. Brighton has a high demand in the real estate market with an outstanding average of 1486 visits per property, higher than the South Australian state average of 777.

The market demand in rent is quite high in Brighton too, with the average rent costing $458 per week. 3-bedroom rentals are priced averagely at $430 per week, while the 4-bedroom options are available at $580 per week.

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Why Choose Brighton Real Estate

If you want your mornings spent jogging the beautiful beachside or just simply breathing the fresh air while strolling the tree-laden streets, then Brighton is for you. The Brighton Beach is known all over the country for its waves, and the majestic Brighton Jetty stands to highlight it. Down Jetty Road, residents are entertained with various options in classy cafes, amazing restaurants, and gorgeous little pubs. The 1925 Windsor cinema theatre, the secondhand book shop, and the quirky boutiques perfectly rounds up the strip. One of South Australia’s best schools, Brighton High, is just down Brighton Road too for families with kids.

There are numerous great options too when looking for Brighton homes for sale. Low rise development remnants of the 60s and the 70s are in the area, among the scattered California bungalows and classic brick villas. Large, modern mansions are also favored here, along with the simpler courtyard homes for the contemporary taste.

Your own serene haven away from the noises of the buzzing city, Brighton is perfect for those looking to settle down where relaxed beachside lifestyle meets urban convenience.



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