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Buy Real Estate in Kensington

Buy Real Estate in Kensington

Just 3 kilometers off the inner city center of Adelaide lies the quirky little suburb of Kensington. As a residential area, Kensington is a bit under-the-radar in the eyes of first-time buyers and foreign investors. Kensington is your typical suburb with a village-neighborhood vibe.

Its quirky diagonal streets make for easy strolling, and its pint-sized convenience is cherished by its locals. It is a compact area with a notable school, gifted with tree-laden streets, and is just a short hop from the Central Business District of Adelaide. Buying real estate in Kensington is the best choice for budding families, and independents of all ages.



Real Estate in Kensington: By the Numbers

In terms of local lifestyle, the top three people that this suburb attracts are those of Independent Youth with 21.7%, followed by Established Independents with 20.1%, and Older Independents with 16.7%. A portion of the residents here are budding families, wanting to see their children wear the prestigious colors of Marryatville High School, known for the specialized curriculum focusing in music, drama, and languages.

Buying a house in Kensington nowadays cost $650,000 in the average. Renting one, however, costs $400 per week averagely. A decent 2-bedroom home is available at $365 per week, and a bigger 3-bedroom abode typically costs upwards of $450 per week. Buying individual units costs $466,000 as of early September 2018, and renting costs $320 per week.

As most of the residents here are working in the Central Business District, a steady flow of workers coming and going gives the suburb a consistent flow in the real estate market, driving up to a higher demand. Kensington has a stunning average of 1746 visits per property, well over the South Australian state average of only 777 visits per property.


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Why Choose Kensington Real Estate

The quiet little suburb of Kensington brings class in its simple uniqueness. Within just a square kilometer is a humble suburb that serves as an off-grid home from the busy streets and bright lights of Adelaide’s Central Business District. In this small neighborhood, everything is taken care of. Marryatville High School, the best public school in whole Adelaide, is housed in this suburb. The Parade, a beautiful strip of amazing restaurants, quirky cafes, specialty shops, and lively pubs, caters to residents and weekend visitors alike. Enjoy the fresh air amidst the green of Kensington Park, or swim a few laps in the Norwood Pool. At night, Adelaide’s most favorite pub, the Rising Sun, serves cold beers for the friendly locals and travelers alike.

Walking along the leafy roads of Kensington is like travelling back in time. Early sandstone buildings stand among the vintage Victorian homes and the compact worker cottages. And while the 70s-styled apartment units are also gorgeous here, one can’t help but notice the fabulous 90s townhouses as well. Cosy cottages, townhouses, and family houses characterize most of the area’s housing landscape.

Kensington is quiet and compact, making it easy for resting and navigating. It has numerous residential options, excellent facilities, and it is just a drive away from the Central Business District. More and more people from all over the country and abroad are noticing the market potential of this suburb, making a real estate property in Kensington highly sought after.


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