Real Estate in Parkside

Buy Real Estate in Parkside

Buy Real Estate in Parkside

Entering the Parkside real estate market, you are investing in a city-centric inner suburb just south of the beautiful city of Adelaide. Parkside makes living simple, with a quiet vibe from the comfort of your own home and the city’s central business district just one, quick bus ride away from your doorstep.

It’s simple and serene out here, where you can rest and enjoy indoors or walk around and breathe the fresh air in its gorgeous parks and reserves. With its location just outside of the city’s buzz, most of Parkside’s residents tend to be independents of all ages, and established couples and families. It is a humble home away from the bright lights.



Real Estate in Parkside: By the Numbers

Parkside mostly attracts established independents and young professionals because of its proximity to the central business district, aside from the established families that has settled down roots for the long haul. With the unending stream of independent professionals coming and going, the trend has influenced the market, and as of the moment Parkside real estate enjoys an outstanding 1657 visits per property as compared to the South Australian state average of 787 visits. This means that the suburb has a high demand in the market.

The demand is then high for Parkside homes for sale, with a current median house price of $800,400. 2-bedroom apartments are currently at $697,000, 3-bedroom houses mainly costs $801,000, and the spacious 4-bedroom abodes are somewhere upwards of $932,500. The current median house price was based on last year’s sales, and when compared to the same period data of five years ago, it has increased by 33.2% equating to a 5.9% annual compound growth rate.

There is a high demand in the market too for rentals in Parkside. The average rent here costs $470 per week. 2-bedroom units are available for $428 per week, a 3-bedroom rental is at $500 per week, and the larger 4-bedroom rental costs upwards of $600. Based on over a hundred rentals and property sales, the current rental yield is at 3.1%.


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Parkside Real Estate

Why Choose Parkside Real Estate

Location, location, location. You invest on Parkside for the steady stream of movers and renters, and you buy a house in Parkside for its proximity to the city. Parkside’s strategic location, partnered with its compact convenience and well-serviced transport system and its overall independent character, is the key to its beauty.

When you are tired of the city, you rest in this neighborhood. If you feel outgoing, downtown Adelaide is there to satisfy your fancy. Whether you are looking for a nice restaurant, craving for caffeine in a hip, new cafe, or just looking for a pint to enjoy with your mates, Parkside can give you that.

The houses here are really classy too. 3-bedroom stone villas and 4-bedroom Victorian houses are suited for families, and dozens of beautifully maintained 2-bedroom apartments are also there for professionals fresh out of the university.

A well-serviced transport system, a number of schools, a quiet neighborhood vibe, and a quick bus ride to the inner city, what more can you ask for? If you are looking to have some peace and quiet after working in Adelaide CBD, then look for Parkside houses for sale today.


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