Buying Real Estate in Burnside

Buying Real Estate in Burnside

Buying Real Estate in Burnside

In the eastern suburbs of the city of Adelaide lies Burnside, a small, high-end residential neighborhood. It is five kilometers to the east of the Adelaide Central Business District, and is one of Adelaide’s first suburbs. This prestigious neighborhood is home mostly to affluent elderly couples and established families, most of them working in the central business district.

Buying real estate in Burnside is mostly for convenience and quiet, since the suburb’s proximity to the city’s main hub is quite handy, and the area’s quiet ambience provides a much needed Zen to the said locals. With its upmarket character, the array of impressive residential options and the leisurely benefits, buying a house in Burnside gets harder by the minute.



Real Estate in Burnside: By the Numbers

With the area’s convenience, general atmosphere, and high-end exclusivity, buying a property in Burnside currently costs $890,000 in the average. A large 3-bedroom can cost buyers $790,000, while a spacious 4-bedroom property with a decent lawn can cost somewhere upwards of $935,750. The $890,000 median house price is based upon the house sales of the last 12 months. Burnside’s house prices have increased by at least 29% when compared to data of five years ago.

Rent is in demand in this suburb too, with an average rental cost of $470 per week. A 3-bedroom unit costs about $450 per week, while a bigger 4-bedroom unit is currently priced at $520 per week. The suburb enjoys a high demand from the real estate market, averaging a staggering 2170 visits per property, well over the South Australian average of 787 property visits. It is safe to say that with the demand data alone, many foreign investors are eager to enter the Burnside real estate market.

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Why Choose Real Estate in Burnside

Burnside is a haven for elderly couples, established families, and older independence. A town with a great position a drive away from the central business district and a generally quiet atmosphere, its appeal lies within the quiet vibe it creates away from the noises and bright lights of the inner city.

The Burnside Shopping Centre provides for the locals’ everyday needs with its supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, bars, and various specialty shops as one of the best suburban shopping spots in Adelaide. Locals also enjoy the sparkling pool, steaming saunas, and great tennis courts, aside from the usual play parks. The green is found everywhere, with the Waterfall Gully Reserve highlighting the area with picture-perfect natural views.

Burnside offers many beautiful options when it comes to housing. Styles range from large brick homes, old art deco houses, lovely two-storey mansions, to the historic stone houses. Large family abodes are the usual sights here, with three, four, and five-bedroom houses lining up in the tree-laden streets of the prestigious neighborhood. A number of two-bedroom properties here are available too for established couples wanting to spend the days in the beautiful neighborhood residential.


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