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The Tasmania Real Estate market has always been on every investor’s radar. With its awesome natural beauty contrasted with the island state’s promise of glamorous lifestyle, buying a house in Tasmania is a power move in itself, indicating one’s rightful place in the social hierarchy.

Tasmania, or Tassie as the locals would call it, is the world’s 26th largest island, and is home to upwards of 500,000 residents. Its historical significance in the country is unrivaled, and its hold of the future is certain. Truly a magnificent state, Tasmania defines luxurious beachside living with the convenience and development of an urban area.


Tasmania Real Estate Market Trend

Buying real estate in Tasmania, residents are able to bask in the beauty of its wonderful natural parks and thrilling World Heritage Sites, as 42% of the state’s total land area is protected as a natural state. It is also home to various unique flora and fauna, and the rainforests of the state are world renowned, an item on every adventurous backpacker’s bucket list. Due to these natural gifts, the state capitalizes on tourism for revenue stream, together with other industries like mining, forestry, and agriculture.

The market is quite competitive right now, and securing a real estate property in Tasmania is harder compared to other states. It is a state with well-connected transportation services, excellent facilities and amenities, great natural beauty and a booming economy. A steady surge of movers by way of both migration and immigration lead the demand in the market, while the state itself has loyal residents.

With great demand and further development of supply, Tasmania real estate is able to cater first-time buyers and foreign investors alike. It is no surprise then that numerous notable personalities and celebrities choose to settle down in the beautiful island, ranging from actors, authors, artists, and politicians. The Tasmanian real estate market is a real powerhouse in the scene, and the right time to invest is now.


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