Buy Real Estate in Fremantle

Buy Real Estate in Fremantle

Buy Real Estate in Fremantle

Sitting by the mouth of the beautiful Swan River, Fremantle is one of Australia’s major city ports located in Western Australia. The city’s port, Fremantle Harbour, serves as the state capital Perth’s main port. Fremantle has etched itself as one of the country’s most historical places, and now it has discovered its modern-day identity, a quirky and buzzing town where people from all ages and all walks of life rub elbows to the hip new beat of a dynamic local art culture and the convenience of city living.

Whether you are a young professional fresh out of the Uni, or someone of matured independence wanting to spend the days in this upbeat small town, Fremantle real estate is for you.



Real Estate in Fremantle: By the Numbers

Southwest of Perth’s Central Business District by 20 kilometers, Fremantle has thrived from its quiet, old town roots and has transformed itself as one of the state’s foremost areas where the arts, the local culture, and tourism meet. For a town with just 19 square kilometers in its size, it is home to more than 27,000 residents. From budding families to exploring singles, from young adults to retirees, Fremantle caters to everyone who likes to live an up-tempo life.

The three biggest resident groups here are Established Independents making up the biggest part of the population with nearly 20%, followed by Independent Youth with 17%, and Older Independents with 15%. Only 62% of the residents here were born in the country, as compared to the national average of 76%. The rest of the population is made up of people coming from European nations, as well as a handful of residents of Asian descent. It can be said that one of this town’s advantages is its diversity and multicultural character.

Buying a house in Fremantle, the current median house price stands at $810,000. 2-bedroom abodes are priced at $732,000, while the 3-bedroom ones are available at $830,000 and the bigger 4-bedroom houses cost upwards of $995,000. This current median price was based off last year’s total sales of 90 properties. It has increased by 2.2% compared to the past data, amounting to a 0.4% annual compound growth rate. A real estate property in Fremantle is highly sought after by investors for its high demand in the market. The town averages 338 visits per property compared to Western Australia’s state average of just 211 visits per property.

The demand for renting is average in this area, usually costing $500 per week in the median. 2-bedroom rentals are at $400, while the 3-bedroom ones are available at $540 and the 4-bedroom units are rented at $625 per week.

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Buy Real Estate in Fremantle

Why Choose Fremantle Real Estate

Port towns are usually multicultural and diverse, and Fremantle does not disappoint. With the array of visitors, backpackers, and the healthy mix of local residents, this area is full of life apparent in its numerous dining options and local culture. The Fishing Boat Harbour is a must among first-timers, and the restaurants along the South Terrace are all fantastic.

The Little Creatures Brewery is known for its pale ale, and if you are up for bar hopping there is always the gorgeous Sail and Anchor Pub. For your day to day needs, Westgate Mall has a supermarket and various shops. Beautiful townhouses can be found here, as well as mansion overlooking the river. You can never go wrong with warehouse apartments, standing alongside port-worker’s cottages and brick homes.

Fremantle is quirky, upbeat, and is buzzing with life. If you are up to the challenge, then Fremantle is for you.

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