Buy Real Estate in Maylands

Buy Real Estate in Maylands

Buy Real Estate in Maylands

A quick 4.5 kilometer drive just northeast of Perth lies Maylands, a beautiful and classy suburb centered on the Midland Railway in the Swan River’s northern bank. Known for its simplicity and class, Maylands was once an industrial hub for the state, with industries of brick and tile making (and even an airport) in its past.

Nowadays, the remnants of that era in the suburb can be seen in the architecture, with a number of redevelopments paving the way to Maylands’ revitalization and modernization. Local culture holds its own in terms of entertainment, the arts, and community-wide camaraderie, rounded up by the beauty in its natural backdrop. The Maylands real estate market is quite competitive, and rightfully so. With convenience, quiet, and fun perfectly balanced in this area, investing on a real estate property in Maylands will always be a great choice.



Real Estate in Maylands: By the Numbers

Although Maylands is a haven for budding families, it is mostly the independents that flock the area. In fact, 70% of the total residents enjoy living solo in this great neighborhood. The top three groups living in the area are comprised of Independent Youths with 27.5% of the residents, Maturing Independents with 25%, and Older Independents with 12.9% of the locals. This gives off the lively community atmosphere of the suburb.

Buying a house in Maylands, the current median house price is at $620,000. The lovely 2-bedroom houses are available at $503,750, while the 3-bedroom abodes stands at $575,000 in the minimum. The bigger, more spacious 4-bedroom properties are usually priced at $868,000 and upwards. This median house price was based off the data of the last 12 months, with 112 home sales in total. It has increased by 1.2% in the past five years, with a 0.2% compound annual growth rate.

The demand for rent in the suburb is average, costing $340 per week in the median. 2-bedroom rentals are at $295, the 3-bedroom ones at $360, and the 4-bedroom rentals are available at $485 in the minimum.

The market of real estate in Maylands is also booming with high demand. The area averages 275 visits per property, compared to the Western Australian state average of 211.

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Buy Real Estate in Maylands

Why Choose Maylands Real Estate

Maylands is currently in demand mainly because of its convenience, proximity to the Perth Central Business District, and the great housing options. The scenery, amenities, and the general atmosphere are qualities the locals enjoy every single day. Coffee shops and cafes are frequented by young professionals in the Eight Avenue, while most of the established independents shop in the Maylands Park Shopping Centre. Bike tracks are utilized by its locals, as well as the walk paths. If you are up for a quick jog or to break some sweat, a number of sporting facilities are located here.

Although most of the residents here are singles and independents, that is not to say that there is nothing here for families. Large family abodes can be seen here, along with brick villas and quirky late-century homes lined up along its streets. Beautiful apartments are situated in the hillsides, and gorgeous waterside mansions and modern townhouses are located in the flatlands.

If you are looking for a uniquely charming suburb just a ride away from the Central Business District, then Maylands is for you.

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