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Buy Real Estate in Scarborough

Roughly 14 kilometers from the Perth Central Business District lies the gorgeous surf town of Scarborough in Western Australia. This magnificent coastal suburb prides itself in its identity as a tourism hotspot for adventurous backpackers looking to catch the waves, as well as an everyday paradise for its loyal residents.

Planned as an entertainment precinct, it is filled with numerous options when it comes to restaurants, bars, pubs, and the general nightlife. It is relaxed suburb rounded up by the surf community committed to the quiet lifestyle it presents. Young independents thrive here, alongside older couples and retirees, with a few affluent families joining the mix in the middle. With the current hype for beachside communities, the market for Scarborough real estate has never been more enticing.



Real Estate in Scarborough: By the Numbers

Only 5 square kilometers in size, this little suburb has just over 15,000 living in the area. Of this total number, a quarter represents the residents hailing from different nations across the world, all wanting to experience this wavy paradise. Most of the people here are singles and young professionals, with a few couples and small families in the mix. The three biggest resident groups here are comprised of Young Independents with 25% of the total population, followed by Established Independents with 22%, and finally Older Independents with 11%. This gives the local community its upbeat and free-wheeling identity, making it easy for newcomers to feel welcome.

When it comes to properties, buying a house in Scarborough currently has a median house price of $740,000. 2-bedroom houses are priced at $578,125 in the average, while the 3-bedroom options are at $720,000, and the bigger 4-bedroom ones are available upwards of $860,000. The current median house price was based on last year’s total of 187 house sales. It has increased by 8.0% based on data of the previous years, amounting to a 1.6% compound annual growth rate. It can be said that the suburb enjoys a high demand in the real estate market, averaging 341 visits per property as compared to Western Australia’s state average of 211 visits per property.

The market for rent is also quite high in the area, considering its tourism pull every quarter. 2-bedroom rentals are available at $320 per week, 3-bedroom units are at $450, and the 4-bedroom abodes are rented at $650. The current median rent price is at $400 per week.

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Why Choose Scarborough Real Estate

In 1986, Scarborough made headlines with the construction of the towering hotel of Rendezvous Observation City, and it has never looked back since. A relaxed community with a chill-out atmosphere, partnered by a lovely beachfront esplenade, Scarborough is a sure hit among vacationers, honeymooners, and backpacker from all over the world. Cafes, fish and chip bars, and numerous other restaurants await you in this holiday paradise, and the beach itself is beautiful too!

Homes reminiscent of the 60s styles are present here, along with beautiful brick houses and 90s townhouses with the gorgeous hillside views. Modern mansions, towering apartment buildings, and townhouses round up the suburb’s architectural diversity.

Scarborough is a surf town, and it has more to offer than just the waves of the beach. Beautiful architecture, excellent facilities and amenities, and the general atmosphere gives it a kick that can be found nowhere else. If you are looking to live on a holiday every single day, then choosing a real estate property in Scarborough is the perfect choice for you.

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