Buy Real Estate in Willeton

Buy Real Estate in Willeton

Buy Real Estate in Willeton

Lively sunny days and peaceful nights await you in the great southern Perth suburb of Willeton, 12 kilometers off the Central Business District. Originally created under the name Burrendah Heights, Willeton is not as old as the other suburbs, but it has quickly made its mark as an outstanding suburb fit for young students and budding families.

Traditionally home to Australian families from the middle class, Willeton has turned itself around and became a welcoming, multicultural suburb with diverse residents and excellent amenities that caters to people of all ages and different walks of life. If you are looking for a haven with a lively community and homely atmosphere, then take a look at the Willeton real estate.



Real Estate in Willeton: By the Numbers

Established in the early parts of 1970s, Willeton is not an old suburb with a long history, but what it lacks in old stories it makes up in the quiet atmosphere fitting for families with young kids, and the carefully planned layout that makes for easy strolling. As of the last census, this 8 square kilometer area is inhabited by just over 17,000 residents, consisting approximately of 51% females outnumbering the 49% male total. The residents occupy more than 6,300 residential dwellings, most of which are single-lot detached house units. More than 20% of the population here are of Asian descent, showing its multicultural side.

Buying a house in Willeton, the current median house price is at $695,000. 3-bedroom family abodes costs at least $580,000, while the bigger 4-bedroom houses are priced upwards of $733,000. This current median house price was based off the total sales of the last 12 months, totaling to over 200. It has increased steadily by 3.0% over the last five years, amounting to a 0.6% compound annual growth rate. Currently, a real estate property in Willeton is sought after by most investors and buyers, as the suburb enjoys a high demand in the market with an average of 378 visits per property, as compared to the Western Australia state average of 211 visits per property.

The median rent price is $400 per week. 2-bedroom homes are available to rent at $300 per week, the 3-bedroom ones are at $360, and the spacious 4-bedroom abodes are rented upwards of $470 per week. The demand for rent is average in the area. Based on over 200 property sales and 338 rentals from last year, the current rental yield for houses in the area is at 3.0%.


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Why Choose Willeton Real Estate

If you plan on starting a family and putting down roots, or finding a small home just a drive away from the Central Business District as a young professional, then look for real estate in Willeton. This family-focused suburb has a lively atmosphere and an even more stunning natural backdrop. With a well-planned transport system, top-notch schools, and excellent amenities, Willeton is sure to take care of you every single day.

Aside from its usual residential cul-de-sacs and comfortable three-bedroom abodes, several detached apartment and housing units are available in the area too.

Convenience for the whole family and just enough playing space for the young adults, Willeton is suburb that caters to everyone.

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