Apply for an Australian Visa: Which One Should You Get?

Apply for an Australian Visa: Which One Should You Get?

If you’re a Chinese national looking to visit Australia for business or leisure, getting a visa is necessary. Although having one is not a requirement if you want to purchase a property in Australia, it is still important so that you can personally check on your investment from time to time. But did you know that there are more than 100 visa types in Australia? Which type should you apply for? And once you know which one you need, how do you apply for an Australian visa? Let’s discuss your options.


Temporary Visa versus Permanent Visa

Wherever you go anywhere in the world, there are always two basic types of visas to choose from: the temporary visa and the permanent visa. Of course, the same goes for Australia. How do you choose which one you need? The answer is simple: if you intend to migrate to Australia or live there indefinitely, then you should get a permanent resident visa. Otherwise, you would need to apply for a temporary visa.

There are several types of permanent and temporary visas to choose from, based on your needs. The types of Australian visas Chinese nationals can obtain are the following:

Temporary Visas

  • Temporary Work Visa (subclass 400)
    • Skilled Workers Visa
    • Training Visa
    • Work and Holiday Visa
  • Student Visa (subclass 500)
  • Visitor Visa (subclass 600)
    • 10-Year Frequent Traveler Visitor Visa
    • Studying visa


Permanent Visas

  • Business Innovation / Investment Visa
  • Partner Visa
  • General Skilled Migration Visa


Apply for an Australian Visa: Which One Should You Get?

Permanent Resident Visa versus Australian Citizenship

A permanent resident visa is granted to any foreign national who want to live in Australia for an indefinite number of years, or maybe even for the rest of their lives. The difference between an Australian citizen and a permanent resident visa holder are as follows:

  • Right of Entry - An Australian citizen enjoys an automatic right of entry to the Land Down Under if they want to go abroad and come back afterwards. A permanent resident visa holder cannot enjoy the same privilege; they need to get hold of a valid travel authority if they want to leave the country and come back still as a permanent resident.
  • Right to Vote – An Australian citizen is by default allowed to exercise his voting rights. A permanent resident is not always allowed to do so, except if the resident has been enrolled as a British subject allowed to vote before 1984. However, though permanent residents are not allowed to vote during federal elections, they may vote during local elections.
  • Australian passport – Permanent residents are not granted Australian passports, as opposed to citizens.

There are different types of permanent resident visas available. For more information on obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa and what the policies and benefits to having one are, visit our Permanent Resident Visa Page.


How to Apply for an Australian Visa

Australia's department on Home Affairs manages visa applications. The requirements for visa application depend on the type of visa you want to obtain. If you know which visa to apply for, click on your choice below to learn more about your visa requirements and procedures.

If you are confused about which one is right for you, it would be best to seek immigration assistance or hire a migration agent. Contact us if you need help connecting with a migration agent.