Apply for an Australian Visa: Permanent Visa for Chinese Nationals

Permanent Residency Visa for Chinese Nationals

If you are looking to migrate to Australia, it would be best to apply for an Australian visa first. Living permanently in Australia requires that you either apply as a permanent resident or obtain Australian citizenship. When applying for citizenship, the immigration office favors someone who is already a permanent resident in Australia.

What is a Permanent Residency Visa?

A permanent resident visa is a type that you can apply for if you want to stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time. This visa allows you to live, study and work in the country, with zero to minimal restrictions. Foreign nationals who obtain such visa usually stay in Australia for a few years, and then apply for citizenship afterwards.

Benefits of Being a Permanent Resident in Australia

Just like citizens, permanent residents are granted the following benefits:

  • Social Security – the Department of Human Services provides social and health benefits both for citizens, permanent residents and Special Category temporary visa holders under Centrelink. However, residents need to go through a waiting period before they receive any form of payment. The waiting period depends on the situation. Ordinary waiting period lasts for a week; but some situations warrant longer waiting periods.


  • Health Care – National Health Care is afforded to Australian residents as defined in the Health Insurance Act of 1973. The eligibility for Health Care under Medicare is similar to that of social services. The Department of Human Services are also the ones in charge of health care benefits.


  • Studying in Australia – foreign nationals who are permanent visa holders are allowed to enroll in Australian universities to undergo a three or four year course, depending on the field of study. Eligibility differs based on university and region.


  • Eligibility to apply for citizenship – the Australian Citizenship Act of 2007 allows permanent residents to apply for citizenship provided specific conditions. For more information on how to apply for Australian citizenship, visit our page on citizenship applications.


  • Eligibility to sponsor someone else for permanent visa – permanent visa holders, like Australian and New Zealand citizens, are eligible to sponsor another individual for permanent visa as well. This is in accordance to the Migration Regulations of 1994.


  • International travel facility – a permanent resident in Australia can go in and out of Australia within five years, starting on the date your permanent visa has been granted, without the need to apply for a return visa. However, you must be back in Australia before your permanent residency visa expires. If you go over this period, you would need to apply for a resident return visa to maintain your permanent residency once back in Australia.


However, there are a lot of permanent visa options for people worldwide. In this page, we will narrow things down and will only be discussing permanent residency visa for Chinese nationals.

Apply for an Australian Visa: Permanent Visa for Chinese Nationals


Can Chinese Nationals Obtain Permanent Residency Visa?

Definitely. You only need to follow the guidelines required for the specific visa you want to have. Choose the type of visa you would like to apply for below to see more information about that visa, as well as application requirements and guidelines. If you have no clue about which visa to apply for, send us a message and we'll be happy to help you out.


Types of Permanent Residency Visa for Chinese Nationals

Those who want to attain permanent visas usually intend to migrate as an Australian citizen. If you want to be able to come in and out of Australia as you please, a permanent resident visa is perfect for you. Keep in mind that application for permanent visas usually require an individual to have obtained temporary visa first and have stayed in Australia for a minimum number of days (which depends on the type of visa you apply for). Individuals are only granted permanent visa without the need for temporary visa under special cases that are also extremely rare.

The following are the types of permanent visas you can obtain.

Investment visa
Business Owner visa
Business Talent / Distinguished Talent visa
Skilled Regional visa / Skilled Independent visa
Employer Nominated visa
Parent Visa
Partner Visa
Remaining Relatives visa

Resident Return Visa for Permanent Residents

The Resident Return Visa or RRV was made for former Australian citizens and current (or former) permanent residents. This visa is necessary if you want to leave Australia for longer periods, and still maintain your permanent residency upon return. With this visa, you can travel overseas without returning to Australia for up to five years. There are two types of Resident Return Visas that can be granted to Chinese nationals: RRV Visa Subclass 155 and RRV Visa Subclass 157.

Read our resource page on Resident Return Visa for more information on its application and requirements.