Proving Compelling Ties for Resident Return Visa

Proving Compelling Ties to Australia

Proving you have compelling ties to Australia is required to be granted a Permanent Residency Visa or a Resident Return Visa (RRV). An RRV is granted only to people who already have, or have had, a permanent resident visa. Compelling ties to Australia mean connection to the country in terms of business, employment, culture and/or personal ties.

Types of Compelling Ties to Australia that You Can Use

1. Employment Ties

If you are still employed in an Australian-based company, you can use it as proof that your need to return to the country is compelling. However, only full-time and permanent contract can help. If your employment is considered under contract, temporary, casual or part-time, this may not be considered as compelling ties to Australia.

The Department of Home Affairs will also check if your background, experience and qualifications match that of the job you will partake in. Furthermore, they will double-check if the employment you are presenting to genuine.


2. Personal Ties

If you and your family have intentions of staying for a long time in Australia, even permanently, then you can be considered to have personal ties. This can even be more substantiated if you already have family members or a partner currently living in Australia at the time of your application. Some examples of personal ties are as follows:

  • Your spouse is an Australian citizen
  • Your partner is an Australian citizen and you’ve been living together overseas (with proof)
  • Your immediate family are permanent residents or are Australian citizens currently living in Australia
  • You have spent a significant period of time in the country ever since you received your permanent resident visa (your stay in Australia using temporary visa is not counted)
  • You have a real estate property in Australia that you are using as a home (by yourself or by a relative or family member) and is not being rented out


3. Business Ties

If you have a business in Australia and are involved in managing this business, then you are qualified to have substantial business ties in Australia. You don’t even need to have a residence in Australia to qualify. It is important that the business you are connected to is an Australian-based one and its existence is beneficial to the country. Being beneficial to Australia means:

  • The business has created employment for Australian citizens and permanent residents;
  • The business generates revenue in Australia, therefore paying taxes in the country;
  • The business improves Australia’s link to other countries;
  • The business introduced the exchange of knowledge between Australia and other countries.


4. Cultural Ties

This is a very specific form of compelling tie to Australia and requires that your cultural activities are done at a professional level and you receive a certain level of public recognition. The following are examples of cultural ties:

  • You are a professional artist;
  • You are part of Australia’s cultural community;
  • You are a member of a religious Australian community;
  • You are a professional athlete or you are part of Australian sports organizations.

The Department of Home Affairs will also look into the reason you have been granted your permanent visa. If it is related to your cultural pursuits, there is a high chance that this will be accepted.


The longer time you have been out of Australia, the harder it is to maintain and prove compelling ties to Australia; which is why it is so much easier to provide proof of substantial connections when you're inside the country. You can still provide proof when you're out of the country as long as your documentation are substantial enough.