Resident Return Visa

Resident Return Visa for Permanent Residents

The Resident Return Visa or RRV was made for former Australian citizens and current (or former) permanent residents. This visa is necessary if you want to leave Australia for longer periods, and still maintain your permanent resident visa holder status upon return. With this visa, you can travel overseas without returning to Australia for up to five years.

Visa Subclass 155 – Five Years

If you want a five-year Resident Return Visa, also known as Visa Subclass 155, you must have a permanent resident visa, and have stayed in Australia for at least two years of the last five years from date of application. When we say two years, it means a cumulative number of 730 days in total, not necessarily two full consecutive years. Only your time as permanent resident is counted. If you previously have a temporary visa or a bridging visa and you stayed in Australia using those, that time will not be counted. There are no exemptions to the abovementioned rule. If you do not meet this requirement, you can still be eligible for a one-year RRV. Applying for this Return Visa can be done online, and can be done in Australia or overseas. To learn about the exact number of days you have stayed in Australia, you can request access to your international movement record from the Australian Home Affairs website.

Visa Subclass 155 – One Year

The one-year RRV, also Visa Subclass 155, allows you one-year overseas travel if you have stayed at least a day in Australia of the last five years from date of application, and you can prove that you have substantial ties to Australia. This includes cultural, business, employment or personal ties that are proven to be beneficial to Australia. For more information on substantial ties, please refer to our substantial ties page. This one-year RRV visa can also be given to those whose permanent residency has expired. However, this requires the person to have stayed at least a day in Australia for the last five years, and still have substantial ties to Australia. If you have been away for more than five years, you would need to provide a valid and convincing reason for not returning. Also, this person’s permanent residency must have been within the last ten years from date of RRV application.

Visa Subclass 157 – Three Months

If you don’t meet any of the requirements for Visa Subclass 155, you will then fall under Visa Subclass 157, which allows you to leave Australia for a period of three months. If you are abroad at the time of application, you need to have been in Australia for at least a day in the last five years.

If you have been away from Australia for more than three months at the time of your RRV application, you need to provide a compelling reason for not being able to return immediately. If you are currently in Australia at the time of application, you just need to provide convincing reasons for leaving the country.

You can apply for a Residency Return Visa online by creating an ImmiAccount in the Immigration Department's website. Do you need assistance in securing a Residency Return Visa? A migration agent can help you in this aspect. Send us a message and we'll connect you with a reputable migration agent.

Types of Permanent Residency Visa for Chinese Nationals

Only those who possess permanent residency visas are allowed to apply for Resident Return Visas. The following are the types of permanent visas you can obtain.

Investment visa
Business Owner visa
Business Talent / Distinguished Talent visa
Skilled Regional visa / Skilled Independent visa
Employer Nominated visa
Parent Visa
Partner Visa
Remaining Relatives visa