Apply for an Australian Visa: Permanent Visa for Chinese Nationals

Temporary Visa for Chinese Nationals

Australia is a great country to visit, whether for business or leisure. Do you want to visit Australia for a vacation? Do you want to work there for a short period of time? Or do you want to migrate to Australia eventually? Either way, getting a temporary visa for Chinese nationals is always the first step.


What is a Temporary Visa?

A temporary visa is granted to foreign nationals who wish to visit Australia, no matter the length of stay. Temporary visas are granted to those who want to tour the country, visit family, work temporarily, seek medical treatment, study, open up a business or invest in Australia. There are different types of visas to choose from based on the purpose of the visit and the intended length of stay.


How to Apply for Temporary Visa

It is now easier to apply for temporary visa since online application has been introduced. You can submit your application at the Australian Home Affairs Department’s ImmiAccount portal. In some cases where the visa cannot be applied for online, the individual can visit the nearest AVAC or Australian Visa Application Center.

Please note that although similar, each type of visa has a different application process from another. Choose the type of visa below to learn more about their application procedures. If you are at a loss and need further assistance, don’t hesitate to send us a message.


What Are the Fees Involved in Visa Application?

The fees involved in applying for a temporary visa varies depending on the type of visa you are trying to obtain. Keep in mind that paying for your visa application does not guarantee visa approval. Refer to this table compiled by the Australian Embassy in China.

Temporary Visa for Chinese Nationals Application Fees

What temporary visa for Chinese nationals are available?

As mentioned above, there are several visas available, but what you can get depends on the purpose of your visit.

Temporary Work Visa (subclass 400)

This subclass allows you to find an occupation in Australia, from less than a year to at most four years, depending on the visa you obtained. This subclass includes Skilled Workers Visa, Training Visa, and the Work and Holiday Visa.

Student Visa

Student visas fall under two subclasses – subclass 500 and subclass 600. If you want to study in one of Australia’s universities by taking courses that range from two to four years in length, the student visa is what you need.

Visitor Visa (subclass 600)

This is the most popular temporary visa for Chinese nationals as it encompasses almost all needs by tourists – whether it be for business, academics, leisure, or simply visiting family in Australia. This subclass has four types:

  • Tourist stream

  • Business visitor stream

  • Sponsored family stream

  • Approved destination status stream

However, as it is a visitor visa, people who hold this type of visa are not allowed to work in Australia, no matter how short the duration is.

Currently, the Australian government is holding a trial period for the Frequent Traveler Stream for Chinese applicants. This is a 10-year visa. This is perfect for people who intend to visit Australia frequently within the next 10-years since visa approval. This is perfect for those who intend to purchase real estate property in Australia for residence or investment. But since this is still in the trial stage, the number of Frequent Traveler visas being released is limited.


Can my visa application be sped up?

The Priority consideration service or fast-track service is available for Chinese nationals with a valid passport and who apply for either the Business Stream Visitor Visa or the Tourist Stream Visitor Visa (both Subclass 600). However, on top of the visa application fee, a premium fee of $AUD 1,000 must also be paid. Requesting for Priority Consideration Service can be done online or by paper.

Instead of the usual waiting times, the Fast-Track service will allow your application to be processed and finalized at least two business days after the application has been submitted. To prevent delays, make sure to attach all necessary documents in your ImmiAccount and not via email. Also include health and background documents if necessary.


Types of Temporary Visas for Chinese Nationals


Temporary Skill Shortage Visa
Short Stay Specialist Visa
Work and Holiday Visa
Temporary Activity Visa
Student Visa
Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream)
Visitor Visa (Business Visitor Stream)
Visitor Visa (Sponsored Family Stream)
Visitor Visa (Approved Destination Status Stream)
Visitor Visa (10-Year Frequent Traveler Visa)