Overseas Buyer Bought Bondi House for a Record Price of $14M

Overseas Buyer Bought Bondi House for a Record Price of $14M

Even with several restrictions with overseas buyers purchasing homes in Australia, investors are still keen in buying a home of their own here. In fact, one buyer located overseas even went over the record and purchased a Bondi house in North Bondi, Sydney for a whooping $14 million! This instantly beat the record price in the suburb.

Record-Breaking Bondi House Sale

Bondi is one of the most attractive location in Sydney, being just near the world famous Bondi Beach. Aside from the astounding views of the beach and the city, North Bondi is a peaceful suburb that is just seven kilometers away from Sydney Central Business District.

The Bondi house purchased is only a three-bedroom home located at the top of the cliff. It is said that the home was sold for $5.5 million more than its price just three years back. And what’s even more astounding is that the owner made no changes or renovations whatsoever.

The house, situated at¬†178 Hastings Pd, has three bedrooms and a pool. It’s the view that is the take-away.


Overseas Buyer Bought Bondi House for a Record Price of $14M
View from 178 Hastings Pd. Image from RealEstate.com.au

Bondi — A Popular Location for Foreign Investors

Bondi is an attractive location in New South Wales for real estate investors. Aside from its beautiful stretch of beach, you will not have to go far to get your creature comforts. It also accepts various lifestyles. Whether you are the outdoors-y type or the laid-back type, you will be able to find what you need. The food scene is also something to look forward to. From street-style offers to formal dining, Bondi has it for you. It is a small wonder why many people choose to retire here — whether they be locals or foreign nationals.

Apartments are the predominant housing type, what with developers trying to provide as much housing to match the influx of investors from within the state, outside of the state, and yes, from overseas as well. Cash-rich buyers can also opt for exclusive subdivisions with luxury houses with rooms ranging from three to six.


If you are looking to buy a home in New South Wales, there are other suburbs as interesting as Bondi, but not as expensive. You can be as close to the city center for urban lifestyle, or as far as you like for some peace and quiet. For assistance in finding the right real estate property¬†as a foreign investor, send us a message and we’ll gladly reach out.

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