Professional Services for Australia Real Estate

Australia real estate investing has been on the rise recently since the country has stable economy, promotes a healthy and upbeat lifestyle, and the property locations are beautiful and strategic. If you are interested in investing in a property in Australia, you would need to hire a professional to assist you.


Six Types of Professional Services When It Comes to Australia Real Estate

Foreign investors are very welcome in Australia; however the regulations can be tricky. Hiring a professional depends on your level of experience in purchasing and managing property in the Land Down Under, as well as the types of services you need help with. Here are six types of professionals you can choose from and an overview of what they do:

  1. Specialized Foreign Investors Buyers Agent

Have you found a property that you would like to invest in but don’t know where to start? A specialized Foreign Investors Buyers Agent can help you. They can serve as your representative when purchasing any property for sale in Australia. They will negotiate the terms of the deal with your best interest in mind. They will also connect you with other professional services in the real estate industry once you have purchase a property.

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  1. Real Estate Agents

Do you want to purchase a property but don’t know where to start? Real Estate Agents can help you by looking for the right property that meets your search criteria. They can send you available investment opportunities with complete details, as well as photos and videos of the property to help you better assess which one you like. The difference between a real estate agent and a buyer’s agent is that the former is a seller’s agent. This means a real estate agent is more concerned about the seller’s best interests, which includes getting a higher purchase price.

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  1. Conveyancers

Conveyancers take care of the legal aspects of the real estate purchase. They prepare, verify and lodge the legal documents with regard to the transfer of property. Legal contracts can be highly technical, with legal jargons confusing both the buyer and seller. A good conveyancer will explain the details of the contract in simpler terms.

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Professional Services for Australia Real Estate

  1. Migration Agents

Australia has more than 140 types of visa options. If you intend to move to Australia permanently, or want to visit for vacation or education, you need to know the right visa to apply for in order for your application to be successful. A migration agent will assist you by helping you prepare your visa application documents, submit your application and monitor its status.

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  1. Local Solicitors for Foreign Investors

Solicitors, like Conveyancers, work on the legal aspect of your real estate transaction. The main difference is that coveyancers focus only on real property law, as opposed to solicitors who practice different aspects of the law. Moreover, solicitors can provide assistance when you encounter a legal issue with your purchase of a real estate property, or if your migration and citizenship attempt has escalated to litigation. They can represent you in court if the need arises.


  1. Property Managers for Foreign Owners

Property managers, as its name implies, will manage your real estate investments while you are still in a different country. Not only will they make sure that your property is well maintained and in good condition; they will also help you find tenants, accept rental payments and send the funds into your account.

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You may encounter several challenges when purchasing property in Australia, but these can all be alleviated if you hire the right professional for the job. If you need help in finding the right professional to help you, contact us for assistance.