Finding Migration Agents in Australia

People migrate for a number of factors, be it social, political, and environmental reasons. However, most people do not realize that economic migration can also be beneficial to you, especially if you are in the moment in your career that you need an upgrade. That is why many people, especially businessmen, migrate to the vast lands of Australia, the Land Down Under. Why? Because the economy is ever-blooming, the workforce is up to par with the global standards, and it is a great place to start a business because of its entrepreneur-friendly legislations. But the question still remains: how can one migrate with relative ease, and where does one start? That is where migration agents in Australia come in to play.

What are Migration Agents?

Migration Agents are licensed professionals that can process and represent your case for you in terms of visa applications. They navigate the complexities of the system on your behalf, advise you on what are the possible options and viable alternatives regarding the matter, and contact other organizations and departments for you during the duration of the process. Simply put, migration agents in Australia represent you during your migration or visa application and present you with the best possible options.

If you are investing in real estate in Australia and are planning to move here in the future, a migration agent is just one among several specialised professionals who can assist you.

Finding Migration Agents in Australia


Why Do You Need a Migration Agent?

As Australia is known to attract migrants, their screening process is expected to be thorough. Many people underestimate the work, time, and energy needed to successfully lodge your Visa application and respond to other matters simultaneously. There are various factors that can affect your application, and they are:

  • Visa Type (for more information on the types of Visas you can apply for, refer to our Visa Information page)
  • Origin Country
  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Health
  • Family Situation
  • Finances
  • Criminal Records

All of these factors are significant in your process, so by now we know that application is not as simple as the mere signing of papers and sending it to Australia. If you want this done precisely and on time, you will need the help of a licensed professional.

As every case is different, you will be asked of different documentations and proofs too. Prior passports, business information, children’s records, among others, are also some of the papers you might need. As you might find it hard to come up with these, your migration agent can do other things for you like representing you in court on visa matters and finding other visa options for you. This is why businessmen, and mostly Chinese investors, find a qualified, experienced, and registered migration agent. You just provide the papers, and they do the hard work on your behalf.


Registered Migrations Agents in Australia

Migration Agents in Australia need to register to a government licensing body, the Migrations Agents Registration Authority or MARA. This is so the country can regulate and oversee the applications easier, and provide services up to par with their standards. Under section 276 of the Migration Act 1958, any person that provides Immigration Assistance must usually be a registered member of MARA in order to:

  • Provide quality assistance to consumers
  • Address concerns and complaints regarding the service provided
  • Use the connections the Department has in order to ensure a faster and well documented process with other organizations and bodies

Most Chinese investors prefer to find migration agents who are also lawyers, so that the latter can give sound legal counsel to for better viable options should the need arises.


Finding the Right Migration Agent For You

So what should you look for, when searching for a migration agent? First and foremost, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Patrol advises that you make sure the agent is MARA registered, in order to protect you, and also to utilize the body’s connections. MARA is the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority. You also need an agent that you can easily converse with, as proper communication is key in making the process smoother. There are not many Chinese-speaking migration professionals in Australia. However, we have a list of Cantonese or Mandarin-speaking migration agents we can connect you with. Contact us for assistance on this matter.

A well-rounded agent can also be beneficial if you are not familiar with the application process, but if you are, then finding an agent with a specialty can be very helpful too. It will also be great to ask for their current case load and track record, if you want to know how much attention and prioritization will be spent on your case.


Finding Migration Agents in Australia

How much does hiring a Migration Agent cost?

Migration agents do not have a standard fee, and they change with the nature of your case. The type of your visa application, the agent’s work experience, and the number of applications he or she will handle can affect the fees too.


Working with Migration Agents in Australia

Once you find the right agent for you, he / she will need to send you a contract or a written agreement, outlining the details that the service entails in order for you to see clearly the services you are in need of, and the fees that such work entails.

A Consumer Guide must also be provided for you, where it enlists the type of work that the migration agent can do for you. This gives you information on the limits of what he can do, so you can device a plan and divide the work immediately. During the processing of your application, Progress Reports are also to be expected from them, from small details such as status to bigger ones that might include more paperwork and proofs that must be provided by you.

Communication within the team is key, so any important updates must be reported and discussed immediately. It would be beneficial on your part to ask about the timeline of the process so you might plan ahead and know what to expect.


Ending your relationship with your Migration Agent

When it comes to termination of contract, the migration agent must give you a written notice first, considering also a brief period of time so that you can find another agent. He must also return any document that belongs to you within a span of seven days. The outstanding fees by the time of termination must be discussed before you sign the contract with him, so it would be beneficial to take note of that.


All in all, these are the reasons why investors choose to have a migration agent by their side. However, having one does not necessarily mean that your application will be successful, as they are only meant to process it for you on your behalf. Outside factors might affect your application, like your history or records. But if you think that you have a good chance to make it, then use this knowledge and start your application today. If you need help getting connected to a migration agent, send us a message and we'll help you.