Living in Adelaide

Living in Adelaide, Australia

Living in Adelaide

Ever wonder what makes people say that Adelaide is the most liveable city in the whole Australian territory, and how it landed on the Top 5 of world’s most liveable cities? It is a mixture of many things. It is the convenience, the gorgeous beaches, the wine, the food, the music, the festivities, and the affordability, a place packed with sights and sounds all under the general upbeat and modern vibe that is the great Adelaide.

It is the cool weather, the rich history, and the breath of fresh air (along with the low pollution levels!). Adelaide caters to everyone, from young, fresh – off – the Uni professionals to established families, from budding independents to matured couples, Adelaide has something in store for you, always. What is it like really to live in Adelaide?

Here are the top factors that make living in Adelaide awesome:

About Adelaide

Climate in Adelaide

Top Colleges and Universities in Adelaide

Lifestyle in Adelaide

Attractions, Events and Celebrations in Adelaide

The Chinese Community in Adelaide


About Adelaide

Adelaide is the city capital of the South Australian state, and is the fifth most populated city in the country. As of the latest census, it is home to more than 1.4 million residents, and which amounts to almost 75% of the South Australian state population, making it the country’s most centralised state population. Named in honor of King William IV’s queen consort, Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, it is a planned city consisting of five squares in the city center surrounded by a ring of parks called Adelaide Parklands. It’s well-executed city plan allowed for it to have an easily navigable array of streets for smooth transportation.

As is with the whole state, the biggest employment sectors here are those from the social assistance and healthcare, followed closely by the retail trade, and then the manufacturing industry. It also houses high-technology electronic systems, defense technology and commodity export companies.


Climate in Adelaide

Adelaideans, as the locals are referred to, enjoy a Mediterranean climate, with the hot dry summers contrasted by its cool winters. It is a generally windy city, with slim chances of hail during the winter season. 

Top Colleges and Universities in Adelaide

Adelaide ranks 41st in QS World Ranking's Best Student City. It is one of the nine Best Student Cities in Australia among a list of 100 worldwide as it provides a tranquil yet lively environment for students, and its cost of living is lower than that of other popular CBDs such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

When it comes to education, Adelaide presents a number of options unrivaled anywhere else. In the great city they house three of the most sought-after universities in the country as well as abroad.

University of South Australia

The University of South Australia is included in the Top 50 under 50 Universities in the world (top 50 universities that are less than 50 years old). It currently ranks 25th. In QS World University rankings, it holds the position of #264, which means a lot seeing that it is still a young university.

It has six campuses, two of which are in Adelaide city proper, specifically City East and City West. Each campus differs in specialization and mainly focus on the needs of the community where the campus is located.

The University of South Australia has more than just 25,000 selected students, and is a member of the illustrious Australian Group of Eight, a coalition of intensive research–oriented universities in the country.

Flinders University of South Australia

Ranking #478 in the top 600 universities worldwide, Flinders University offers a wide array of degrees that focus on industry needs and trends. Although its main campus located at Bedford Park, it has a campus in Adelaide Central Business District called Victoria Square.

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide ranks as 114 in QS World University Ranking.

with the offerings of Flinders University of South Australia, the Torrens University of Australia (which is a part of the Adelaide-based Laureate International Universities arm), and of course, the University of South Australia. Research, education and community engagement are its main areas of specialty. 

Other Schools and Colleges

Vocational training courses are also offered in the city, with several South Australian Technical and Further Education (or TAFE) open to the people. The Adelaide College of the Arts is a nationally recognized school of visual and performing arts, a known school of TAFE.

Lifestyle in Adelaide

Adelaide manages to have an up-tempo city living experience, all the while keeping its laid back and relaxed side beside its beautiful beaches. It facilities sustain the young energy it thrives upon, and its amenities makes vacationers consider staying for the long run. Due to its historic past, the city is largely multiculural, with almost 30% of its entire population being foreign-born or of foreign descent.

Among its biggest foreign-born communities are the Vietnamese and the Chinese, with Standard Mandarin being one of the largest foreign languages spoken in the city. 

The average age of the typical Adelaidean is currently at 38.6 years. The average monthly salary in the area is $3, 941, with the locals enjoying a living much affordable than in any others states (with the price of bread at $2.55 and milk at $1.48 per liter).

Moving Around

As one of its best features, Adelaide is very easy to navigate, and with its great city plan, it is also fairly easy to go around the city. Adelaide offers as variety of options when going around. It bus services are cheap, regular, and is quite reliable when moving around. They even have a free bus service that goes around the city’s major parts!

The tram service is available to those who are in a hurry, but if you have time you can also take the city’s railway station that is connected to various parts of the area and even across the whole country, with routes to Alice Springs, Melbourne, and Darwin. For those who are opting to drive, the streets are wide and are planned with a simple grid design, making for faster and easier drives.

Attractions, Events and Celebrations in Adelaide

Adelaide’s diversity is most evidently shown with the numerous colorful festivities celebrated throughout the entire year, no matter what the season it is!


Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Adelaide Festival of Arts is globally renowned as one of the biggest major art festivals. It is already an Australian tradition, held every March of the year. 

Adelaide Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival which is known as the world’s second largest art festival that transpires during a 31-day period and features over 5000 artists.

Adelaide Christmas Pageant

The Adelaide Christmas Pageant is considered the world’s biggest Christmas Parade. It is also called the Credit Union Christmas Pageant as it is sponsored by four homegrown credit unions.

Other Festivities

It is also home to festivities and events like the Adelaide Film Festival in October, the annual agricultural Royal Adelaide Show during the last days of August, the Adelaide Festival of Ideas celebrated every two years, and many more including FEAST which is a queer holiday celebration, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and the ever-famous WOMADelaide.


When it comes to art, there’s nothing quite like Adelaide. The capital city has been recognized by UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a “City of Music”, an honor bestowed only to cities with distinguished musical identities.


The city is home to The Art Gallery of South Australia, the Migration Museum, and the Contemporary Art Museum of South Australia.


Adelaide is also the proud home of world renowned groups such as the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and the Adelaide Youth Orchestra. It also has numerous acts ranging from rock bands The Angels, The Superjesus, and Wolf and Cub to metal groups like Double Dragon and IKTPQ.

The first Australian Idol Winner, Guy Sebastian, is from this area as well.



The Chinese Community in Sydney

As of the latest survey, around 18,000 of its residents are Chinese, forming a small and compact community concentrated mostly in the eastern and northeastern suburbs of Greenacres, Modbury, Kensington Gardens and Golden Grove.

Adelaide houses the Australia China Friendship Society South Australia which promotes cultural activities for its members. The Chinatown Association of South Australia is a network of businesses operating in Adelaide Chinatown (also known as Moonta Street Chinatown). What's great about this group is that they can link you up with businesses and services that you need -- such as tours, accommodation and more.


Adelaide is a city booming with endless potential and raw, majestic energy. It has a steady economy, a diverse community, and the kind of affordability and ingenuity that is only truly and uniquely Adelaide.

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