Living in Hobart, Australia

Living in Hobart

Hobart, formerly known as Hobart Town or Hobarton, is the capital city of the Australian island state of Tasmania. It is the only Australian state separated from the mainland. Looking at the map, it is located in the south east of Australia. Hobart is relatively small, but is the home of 40% of Tasmania’s population.

If you are thinking of living in Hobart, here are the things you should know about the capital city of Tasmania State:

Climate in Hobart

Attractions in Hobart

Events, and Celebrations in Hobart

Top Colleges and Universities in Hobart

The Chinese Community in Hobart

Climate in Hobart

If you're looking to buy real estate property in Hobart, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the climate.

Warm and temperate--this is how Hobart’s climate is categorized. It also interestingly experiences all 4 seasons--summer, autumn, winter, and spring.

During the summer, Hobart has the longest day. Activities that require daylight are great at this time of the year. Summer happens from December to February. During this time, locals and tourists flood the beaches for a warm and relaxing swim.

Around March to May is autumn. The air gets a little colder and days are still sunny. Trees begin to turn.

During winter, which is around June to August, depending on where you are in Hobart, people can start to feel the cold weather. Those living near Mount Wellington even get to experience snow sometimes. The sight of Mount Wellington snow capped can be something to behold.

Spring starts in September and ends around November. Although Hobart is the second-driest capital city in Australia, it can still get very wet around spring time.


Attractions in Hobart

There are many ways to enjoy the city if you are living in Hobart or when you are just visiting.

Here are some of the things that you can add to your to-do list to enjoy and maximize your stay there.

Get to the Top

Spend a day at one of the highest points in Hobart, at Mount Wellington. See and take in the scenic view of the city from the top. If the weather is good, you can take a nice photo of the entire city.

Near the area is Wellington Park where you can relax and explore. There is no entrance fee so you can go back and visit as frequently as you want, and it’s always open.

The mountain summit is a 30-minute drive from Hobart and the park is around 10-minute drive. You can also take the metro bus, which departs from the city centre.

Along the way up, you can grab a coffee and relax at the Bentwood Coffee caravan.

Experience Timeless Art

If you are not the heights type, there are other activities for you.

Hobart prides itself with its rich culture and history. You can’t possibly miss the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) if you are living in Hobart. MONA is one of world’s largest privately-owned museum.

MONA houses some of the most eclectic and provocative art collection in Australia, from fine art to pop art. Other pieces have been rather controversial.

After taking in all the surrounding masterpieces, you can rest in one of finest restaurants in the city right inside the museum. Enjoy their sumptuous food; it is so good you would likely go back to the museum just for it.

Just beneath the restaurant is MONA’s collection of the finest wines. MONA’s Moorilla winery is a haven for wine lovers. For beer lovers, there is MONA’s Moo Brew.

Trip to Winery and Bars

For those who cannot get enough of beer and wine, there’s still a wide array of choices across Hobart.

Right after hopping off the airplane, you can get a taste of Australia’s whisky at the Sullivan’s Cove Whisky in Cambridge. It is a popular place for just relaxing and meeting friends.

Lark Distillery, on the other hand, offers tours for both locals and visitors. It has a cozy ambience that lets visitors to relax and just cool down.

Others favorites for craft beers are Shambles Brewery and Hobart Brewing Company.

Fish and Kayak

There are water activities, too. Roaring 40s Kayaking allows visitors to rent a kayak and paddle along Battery Point. You can also kayak to get the freshest seafood at Constitution Dock, Hobart’s main waterfront area.


Here's a slideshow of these attractions:

Events & Celebrations in Hobart

Living in Hobart can be fun with festivals and celebrations. Here are the most famous events you can look forward to.

Yacht Race and Hobart Summer Festival

For many years, Hobart has been the arrival point of yachts during the famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. This is held right after Christmas, which culminates as a different celebration called Hobart Summer Festival.

The Hobart Summer Festival is part of a bigger event called Taste of Tasmania. It is celebrated during the summer season, which is a good time for people living in Hobart to feature their local produce, their artwork, and talent. It is the largest food and wine festival running from December 28 through January 3 the following year.


Targa Tasmania

For car enthusiasts in Tasmania, a rally car event called Targa Tasmania is held every year. The rally finishes at Hobart. After the event, car owners usually come together in Hobart and spend the rest of the evening catching up.

Wooden Boat Festival

Locals also take pride in showcasing their wooden boats during a biennial event called Australian Wooden Boat Festival.

The event only allows boats made of timber. It’s amazing when you get to see all the different types of boats that can be made out of timber. This  include kayaks, canoes, yachts, and big ships.

It is a time of celebration to honor Australia’s modern maritime heritage. It is also an event where people gather and celebrate Tasmania’s food and winery since it gathers locals and tourists alike.

If you plan to attend this event, make sure you book early because accommodation in the area fills up fast.

Royal Hobart Regatta

Happening at the same time as the Wooden Boat Festival is the Royal Hobart Regatta. This event is the oldest sporting event in Tasmania. Boat racing, boat displays, and other aquatic activities are held during this event.


Top Colleges and Universities in Hobart

Two of the major factors why Hobart has been a choice for many when it comes to building their family, are: first, its location; and second, the fact that it is where the main campus of the University of Tasmania is located.

Its location, which is a little bit far from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities, provides the quiet and calm that some families look for.

Education is a big deal in Australia. The University of Tasmania is one the biggest college institutions in the region, and with its main campus residing in Hobart, many have come to the place mainly because of it. It is located in Sandy Bay. Nearby are quite a number of dorm or housing options for students. Students here come from different parts of Tasmania.

Other University of Tasmania campuses are in Launceston and Burnie.

The location of the university is ideal for growing families who would prefer to have their kids stay closer to home.

A new university called Alphacrucis College is also attracting students from all over the area. It offers courses in social sciences and business. Being a christian university, they also offer, and in fact, has a lot of focus on ministry courses. They are unique in that they allow classes to be taken online.

The Chinese Community in Melbourne

WIth the growing number of Chinese migrants in Tasmania, the Chinese residents have formed an organization called Chinese Community Association of Tasmania. It is formed to help and be of assistance to Chinese-Australian residents in Tasmania.

Many times in a year, members get together and celebrate festivals and milestones together. The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is just one of the big events when members of the community come together and enjoy music and food, especially moon cakes!

The community provides an avenue for local Chinese-Australians to support each other and celebrate successes.

In the past, Hobart has not been as popular as the other cities in Australia for migrants. But with the growing local businesses, the good weather, and opportunity for good education, it has been slowly gaining traction.

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