Why Do Chinese Migrate to Australia: Top 7 Reasons

Australia is an international, dynamic country that enjoys a fantastic quality of life, which makes it an enticing country to live in. There is a vast difference between the lifestyle in China and Australia, which attract Chinese people to the latter. If you are still wondering “why do Chinese migrate to Australia?” here are a few reasons why they decide to migrate to the Land Down Under.

  1. Australia has a lot of space.

There are around 1.4 billion Chinese at the moment. With a land area of almost 9.6 million square kilometers, the population density is 145 people per square kilometer. This roughly translates to 6.8 square meters per person, which makes China the most densely populated country in the world.

Australia, on the other hand, has around 7.7 million square kilometers of land area, with a population of only 24 million. The population density is 3.1 people per square kilometer. This means roughly 322 square meters per person. That is enough land for each person to build a house and have a farm of his own!

Many Chinese buying land in Australia are free to purchase large pieces of land, with the freedom to build a home of their dreams.

  1. Australia has fresh air.

why do chinese migrate to australia

It is not to say that there is no place in China with fresh air, it’s just that Australia is one of the countries with the least air pollution. The Australian air, so to speak, is so fresh it is being canned or bottled and sold in China!

If you have health issues, particularly asthma and other lung problems, moving to Australia might just be the solution to your problems.

  1. Australia has Chinese communities all over the country.

Since many Chinese nationals have already immigrated to China, it is no surprise that Chinese communities have been established. There is a Chinatown in every major city, so you will not feel alone or alienated in a foreign country. As of 2016, around 5.6% of the Australian population reported they are of Chinese descent, which is a great deal for immigrants.

These communities can even help you gain ground in learning how to live in Australia, as you would surely feel some sort of culture shock at the beginning. They can help you find the ingredients you need for your dumplings, or the nearest supplier of Chinese medicine, or where to find the best English tutor whom you can speak to in Cantonese or Mandarin.

  1. Australia does not restrict internet usage.

In a world that is heavily influenced by the use of the internet – whether for business or pleasure – having restricted usage can be limiting. As opposed to China, Australia does not restrict internet usage. Although it has law and regulations against using the internet for illegal activities, it does not restrict your usage. In China, many websites from foreign countries are blocked. For instance, Chinese locals cannot use Google, so instead they have Baidu. They also don’t have Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media sites, so they have their own version such as Youku Tudou, RenRen and Sina Weibo.

  1. Australia offers free healthcare.

why do chinese migrate to australia

Permanent resident visa holders as well as Australian residents receive free basic healthcare from the government. Selected temporary visa holders enjoy this free healthcare as well. So if something happens, you need not worry about whether the hospital will accept you or if you have enough money to pay for hospital bills – you are taken-cared of.

This may also be the reason why Australia has the third highest life expectancy for males and the seventh highest life expectancy for women. The healthcare system is also widely renowned to be one of the best in the world.

  1. Australia boasts of great universities.

Education is an important aspect of every Chinese individual’s life. This doesn’t change when one moves to a different country. It’s great to know that Australia has top notch universities and colleges that anyone can enroll in. Many Chinese residents in Australia actually started out as students in these universities who eventually decided to stay for good.

  1. Australia has great outdoors.

Whether you’re looking to live by the beach, or in the midst of the mountains, or among the trees, you can find a house that’s perfect for you. You can even live in the desert if you like; there are architects who work wonders in making life in the desert comfortable.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you can go surfing, spelunking, rock climbing, camping, hunting and do other equally exciting outdoor activities in Australia. If you just want the peace and quiet, you can simply lie down by the beach or relax amongst the trees of several nature reserves. Your imagination is the limit.


So why do Chinese come to Australia? It’s simple: Australia can provide a good quality of life to any migrant. It is of small surprise that people all over the world are moving to Australia or at least taking part in the real estate frenzy in the area.

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